SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WTVO) — Illinois lawmakers will return to Springfield on Tuesday to continue SAFE-T Act discussions.

This is the last week, as they are scheduled to be in two before the law goes into effect. It is very likely that the law will see some changes by the end of this week, but whether they are big changes or just technical changes remains to be seen.

The sponsors of the act insist that the “spirit” of the law will remain intact, but state’s attorneys are proposing big changes that includes broadening the number of offenses that judges can detain people for.

The SAFE-T Act currently spells out which offenses are eligible for detainment. Advocates for the law said that it is about becoming less dependent on jailing people before they are found guilty.

“There are so many people who are jailed who do not pose a safety concern to other people, but simply are they because they cannot afford it,” Brianna Payton said.

“I voted for the original bill, so I feel like I know what the original spirit of that bill was,” 52nd District Senator Scott Bennett added. “It was to take cash out of the system, and nowhere in my bill does it suggest we should put cash back in.”

Most of the debate will be happening from within the Democratic party. Republican leadership is still calling for the act to be repealed entirely.