CHERRY VALLEY, Ill. (WTVO) — It all started as an empty spot near Mill Road and U.S. 20, but the Cherry Valley Men’s Club had another vision: to honor all veterans for their courage in protecting our homeland.

“We used to drive by Cherry Valley and this used to be just a grassy area with the front landscaping,” said club member Sparky Prisby. “And we got to thinking that’d be a great spot for our armed forces memorial.”

Phase 1 of the armed forces memorial was completed on Memorial Day in 2021. Along with flags displaying the branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, lights were installed to illuminate the area at night.

“Phase two is the landscaping,” said Prisby. “And then there’s a brick patio that will be in front of the [memorial] wall. That’s actually what we’re focusing on now.”

A memorial wall is up, but the group is looking to make a walkway with benches around the flags. The walkway would include personalized brick pavers as a way for people to remember a family member or friend who served.

“It would be a nice quiet space for somebody to come and just kind of reflect on, again, what our military is all about, what our freedom is all about,” said Prisby.

The personalized brick pavers are not limited to just veterans. The walkway will be installed this year on Veterans Day.

To get more information on ordering a personalized brick paver, email