ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Aspiring architects are on a mission to “Re-imagine Rockford.”

Over the next few weeks, a group of students from Judson University will study the Swift and Orchid neighborhoods, both Southeast of downtown, to identify access issues.

The master’s program students will review data compiled and consider it in context with the area’s new Constance Lane Elementary School, the Morgan Street Bridge, changes to the Brewington Oaks public housing complex, and the Barber-Colman manufacturing complex.

Students will draft ways to make the neighborhoods more equitable to underserved people, says architect professor Alan Frost.

“I believe that architects and actually the students that educate the architects, we should have a public purpose. So, we’re trained to design really nice buildings, but we also need to be able to create equitable community,” he said.

Students are working with community stakeholders on the project, which will unveil its master revitalization plan in May.