ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Stephanie Trussell, running for Lt. Governor alongside Republican gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey, joined pro-life protesters outside a proposed Auburn Street abortion clinic on Monday.

The Rockford Family Initiative organized the “Keep Rockford Pro-Life” event outside the proposed clinic, at 611 Auburn Street.

The clinic is owned by Milwaukee-based Dr. Dennis Christensen, who formerly operated an abortion clinic at 1400 Broadway, which closed in 2012.

Trussell says being against the practice of abortion isn’t an “extreme” position.

“I know we get painted as these extremists and it’s just so opposite. I would encourage people to just sit and come to a rally like this, where you meet the most amazing people. For a bunch of people sitting around praying, how is that extreme? And that’s what we have to do. He who controls the language controls the argument, and he who is screaming the loudest,” she said.

There is no official opening date for the clinic, but volunteers say they have been preparing for the opening by training on how to interact with protesters.

Pro-choice groups, led by Illinois Lt. Governor Julia Stratton, held a rally in downtown Rockford on Saturday.