ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Bath & Body Fusion has been in downtown Rockford for 12 years, but Saturday will be the last day at the location before moving to a new store in Byron.

“We wanted to close a couple of years ago,” said owner Jenny Ralston. “We just couldn’t, because of our customers and just feeling bad leaving downtown Rockford. But, we’ve continued to listen to customer feedback and we just knew it was the right time.”

Ralston said the move is bittersweet, but best for her business, currently located at 324 E State Street.

“We have many people that drive from Oregon, Dixon, Sterling, Davis Junction, so we’ll, hopefully, be more centrally located to our rural customers,” she said.

Amie McDonald’s business is moving to downtown. Her new Elora Home Interiors is on E. State Street, below The Standard restaurant.

“There are people that really are celebratory of downtown and there there are other people who don’t feel quite as celebratory,” she said. “I’m just very excited to be downtown.”

Ralston says she still hopes downtown Rockford will continue to grow, saying, “It’s been a challenging few years, to say the least. And my biggest message is just getting out there and supporting everything local you can. Most people have a big dream and goals of opening businesses and the challenges are real.”

Bath & Body Fusion expects to open in Byron next weekend.