(WTVO) — Bee swarm season is in full swing, and there are certain things residents should, and should not, do if they find a swarm.

Swarms only last until the bees build a hive, but it can be costly if they choose to settle down somewhere in a person’s house. Experts said to call in a beekeeper if that happens to safely relocate that population.

Beekeepers will dress in head-to-toe in protective gear and will then brush the swarm right into a box, or suck them up with a special bee vacuum.

It is important to do this correctly to not damage the pollinators.

“If you can get them to home in a removable, Langstroth hive like you see behind me, then that’s going to be better for the bees and better for all of us too, because they can keep being good pollinators,” said Rachel Coventry of Champaign’s Curtis Orchard.

Beekeepers said that swarm season is just beginning. The recent cold, rainy weather means that many beekeepers have not been able to check on their hives. If they do not accommodate for any growth in their populations, resident can expect to see more swarms this summer.