ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Beef-A-Roo has been named the “Best Regional Food Chain in Illinois,” according to

The online magazine cataloged the 50 best regional food chains in every state, saying “Regional fast food chains we explore here have personality, quirks, and often, delicious food you can’t get anywhere else in the U.S.”

“Beef-a-Roo has been serving beefy goodliness for over 50 years at its eight locations, mostly centered around Rockford, Illinois. Beef-a-Roo’s quarter-pounders get lots of praise, but people really love the Wild West Beef sandwich (think Arby’s but so much better) and cheddar fries, which for a buck more, you can get loaded with bacon, scallions, and ranch dressing,” the website wrote. “

“Beef-a-Roo’s shakes are also famous for their creativity. There’s the basic vanilla and chocolate, but you also choose jamoca, blue raspberry, or one of their seasonal specialty “monster” shakes, like the Pink Flamingo or the Blue Unicorn,” the article reads.