Beloit family searching for injured cousin after 17-year-old killed in mass shooting

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BELOIT, Wis. (WTVO) — Police continue to investigate a mass shooting that left a teenager dead in the Town of Beloit Thursday night.

Five other people were shot. The Rock County Sheriff’s Office said that all of the victims were hanging out in a Porter Avenue garage when a fight ended in gunfire. Family said that is how 17-year-old Byron Broomfield died.

Family said that Bloomfield’s cousin was also injured. The 23-year-old is currently in the hospital, but family said that they have not been given any information on his condition.

As for Bloomfield, his aunt, Birdia McAlister, said that they should be planning a Christmas party, not a 17-year-old’s funeral.

“I don’t know what occurred. All I can tell you is Byron Broomfield, age 17, is dead,” McAlister said.

McAlister stood inside a Beloit funeral home Monday, and she said that it is a place no one wants to be, especially for someone so young.

“We should be planning graduation parties or something like that, we shouldn’t be planning his funeral,” McAlister said. “I shouldn’t be standing in the funeral home for a 17 year old.”

Broomfield was among six people shot at the gathering. His cousin was also wounded, and was taken to the hospital. McAlister said that the violence needs to stop.

“I wish that they would lay their guns down, that they would turn from their wicked ways, that they would start to pray,” McAlister said. “They feel like they have no life, but I want to tell them that there is life until you’re going to the cemetery, like we’re doing now for a 17-year-old.”

The impact on the family is too much to bear, according to McAlister.

“It destroys us, it destroys us because there’s so much potential, but those chances are cut off,” McAlister said. “He will never be able to live his full potential, because his potential was cut off due to a senseless, violent, murderous person.”

McAlister is now pleading for information, and hoping for peace.

“They need to turn themselves in,” McAlister said. “We ask that they not take any vengeance on them own selves, no retaliation or anything like, that but that they would the right thing.”

The family is still trying to locate Broomfield’s 23-year-old cousin. Any information that could help solve the case should be given to the Rock County Sheriff’s Office, (608) 757-8000.

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