BELOIT, Wis. (WTVO) — Noodles & Company in Beloit is offering a special promotion on Wednesday after a deer broke through a window and got into the kitchen yesterday.

“So we were just in the middle of our lunch rush. We had a large group of kids in the building as well,” a Noodles & Company employee told Eyewitness News. “I think they were on a field trip or something, and then all of a sudden a deer crashes through that window over there, runs through the building, dodged all the kids, and then he ran out the back door.”

The restaurant was briefly closed for repairs after the deer got in. No one was injured.

The chain took advantage of the situation to offer “2 Buck” Mac & Cheese on Wednesday when it reopened.

A spokesperson told WKOW on Tuesday, “We are reopening tomorrow with 2 Buck Mac & Cheese. Any guests in the Beloit area who place an order online or through the Noodles app and want to save some doe can use promo code 2BUCKMAC to receive a Mac & Cheese for $2 at this location only.”

As of early Wednesday afternoon, over 75 mac and cheese meals had been sold, that’s more than the location usually sells in a day.

Noodles & Company is located at 2900 Milwaukee Road.