BELOIT, Wis. (WTVO) — The father of a 13-year-old student at McNeel Intermediate School in Beloit is claiming a teacher used tape to secure a COVID-19 mask to his face, but the superintendent says that’s not true and police have not filed charges.

The student’s father, Brock Conner, said the incident happened at the school on Tuesday, saying the teacher taped the mask to his child’s face and then refused to allow him to leave the classroom to contact his parents.

Conner said his son’s neck still bore marks from the tape hours later when he returned home from school.

Photo: Brock Conner

Beloit School Superintendent Dan Keyer released a statement disputing Conner’s account on Thursday, saying, “The media reported these allegations by a parent as true, stating there was an incident involving a child in a classroom. We worked in collaboration with the City of Beloit Police Department; they have investigated these allegations and have determined there was no violation of local or state laws.”

The Beloit Police Department told Eyewitness News, “Through our investigation, we have found no evidence of child abuse or any other crime occurring. Our investigation shows that there was an incident regarding mask wearing in the classroom. We have interviewed the two teachers and all of the students who were present.

“The reporting party provided multiple inconsistencies in the information provided to police and to the media,” Police said.

Both Beloit Police and the School District say because of the accusations, there have been threats made against teachers and administrators at the school.

According to the Gateway Pundit, the Wisconsin chapter of the Proud Boys is organizing a protest at the school board building on November 5th.

“The Wisconsin Proud Boys support any parent, of any political position or background, that feel they have the right to protect their children,” a group representative told the outlet.