BELOIT, Wis. (WTVO) — Around 6:15 p.m. on Friday, a Beloit police officer and an Animal Control officer were called to the 700 block of Henry Avenue for a report of a loose dog.

The caller told police that they saw a grey and white pit bull bite another dog and had a person ‘cornered’ against their car. When the police officer arrived in the area, he found the dog and it charged him twice.

Authorities say the officer notified the Animal Control officer of the pit bull’s location and followed it to try to find its owner. The officer began backing away when the grey and white pit bull was approached by another larger pit bull.

As the officer was backing away, the larger pit bull ran towards the officer, who tried to kick at it to keep it away from him. Police say the dog then bit the officer before he fired his service weapon to stop the attack.

The dog later died from its injuries and the officer was treated at the Beloit Emergency Room.

Police say the officer used deadly force as a last resort.

“The officer, in this case, did all he could to try to maintain distance from the dogs while trying to relay information to our Animal Control Officer so she could possibly try to use other tools to capture the dog. It is also his duty to make sure citizens in the area were kept safe from the dogs which were already called in as aggressive, and were clearly displaying aggressive behavior when he arrived.”

Police say the incident was captured with body camera footage.

The investigation is ongoing.

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