BELVIDERE, Ill. (WTVO) — Operation Fallen Flags, a US military veterans group, uses its “Glory Truck” to replace American flags around the Stateline.

But, the aging truck needed some repairs, so Automotive Solutions, at 616 Whitney Boulevard, donated time and labor for an update.

Nick Parmello, founder of Operation Fallen Flags, says the truck is integral to his mission.

“Well, this was the truck that was presented to us over three years ago and it was the only one I could afford to buy. So, I mean, we couldn’t afford a new one and yet you can see it’s in great shape for a 1989 truck, but she’s enduring,” Parmello said. “The truck is very enduring and I’ve had some spiritual moments with it. So, it’s all-metal, but it’s got a spirit.”

The non-profit also visits local schools to teach students about the history of the American flag.