BELVIDERE, Ill. (WTVO) — Two best friends in Belvidere are creating a whole new meaning for the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Rachael Perry caught up with the duo for a closer look at their nightly adventures.

Mae and Rhonda are known as the Curbside Ladies on Facebook. They will take what you throw out onto the curb and rate it. Just like the items, the laughter is free.

“She’ll tell me, nope not sitting on it, but I can get her on the chair and scoot her out into the street,” said Rhonda Trevino.

Rhonda Trevino and Mae Williams started off as neighbors.

“I was really scared of her because she looked like a tough woman and I’m like ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t say anything this woman might beat me up or something,'” Trevino said.

But soon they became best friends and Curbside Ladies–each with different roles.

Williams is the tester and Trevino tells her what to test. They always hold each other accountable.

“And that’s my friend’s fault. She should have taken the sign – that’s her job,” said Trevino.

“Yea I know it’s in the car, so it’s my fault,” retorted Williams.

The page isn’t all laughs, Trevino says. It’s also been healing for her.

“I lost my daughter and she was 26. With me being depressed and all that stuff, [we] started this and it brings so much joy to me,” said Trevino.

Now the duo looks out for each other, especially after an unfortunate encounter with one curbside find.

“We found a couch that was full of bedbugs and we got home and we ripped off all of our clothes,” Trevino said.

They now have their merch with their very own slogan.

“Our slogan is ‘And it’s…”

“Free!” Williams finished.

Trevino says being together and laughing with her friend is the best part of being a ‘Curbside Lady.’