Belvidere mom says she found needles in her child’s Halloween candy

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BELVIDERE, Ill. (WTVO) — A mother in Belvidere says her daughter came home from trick-or-treating with chocolate bars that had needles hidden inside them.

“My daughter was eating her Halloween candy last night and bit into a Snickers bar, stating something hard was inside. I told her to stop eating it and she began pulling it apart to uncover a sewing needle,” the woman, Jennifer, told Eyewitness News.

“I contacted the police department on the non emergency number to report it. As I did that my daughter opened another snickers and broke it in half to find another needle inside,” she said.

Jennifer said the officer found a third Snickers bar with a needle sticking out of it.

The incident is similar to one reported Monday in Ohio, in which police reported finding sewing needles in two KitKat bars.

Speaking to CNN, University of Delaware professor Joel Best, who has been tracking tampered Halloween candy stories since 1958, said, “I can find no evidence that any child has ever been killed or seriously injured by a contaminated treat picked up in the course of trick-or-treating.”

“What if that needle had stabbed her?” Jennifer said. “Parents [need to] double, triple check their kids’ candy. This is scary! I thought we lived in a small safe community. You can’t trust anyone. What has the world come to?”

Belvidere Police said they were unable to identify where the candy came from, but the matter is under investigation.

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