BELVIDERE, Ill. (WTVO) — Belvidere Police and Fire were honored Tuesday night for their actions after the roof collapsed at the Apollo Theatre.

Belvidere Police Chief Shane Woody played body camera footage that showed the men and women working to save people trapped under the rubble.

The Medal of Valor award was given to seven police officers and five firefighters at Tuesday night’s Belvidere Committee meeting. It is awarded for performing acts of heroism, demonstrating courage and dedication in the face of danger, thereby saving multiple lives.

“It was a collective effort between Police, Fire and the community. You take any one of those out of the equation and we probably don’t have the same success that we did that night,” Woody said. “Make no mistake, this was a collective effort and we all worked together to save those lives that you saw being pulled from the brick and the rafters, the roof, the debris, and no one group had any larger part to play than the other. When the time came, everybody just jumped in and did what needed to be done.”

Six other firefighters were awarded the “Meritorious Conduct Award,” and many others were recognized for their actions on March 31.

One man died and many others were left severely injured after an EF-1 tornado hit the historic theatre.