ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Monday would have been Betty White’s 100th birthday.

In light of the celebration, and to honor her life, many people donated to animal facilities. It is a part of the “Betty White Challenge.” Some local shelters took part, and they said that they were blown away with the number of people donating in honor of the late actress.

“Today it’s just been non-stop, we’ve gotten so many donations,” said Nicole Weatherford, assistant shelter manager at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary.

Donations were flowing into Rockford area shelters, sanctuaries and wildlife rehab facilities on Monday, as residents honored Betty White.

“We didn’t even put anything out there and the people have just brought it to us, so it’s been great. This is just so awesome to see the community coming together and donating to different shelters, not just us, but different shelters in the area as well. We have been getting donations from all over the United States, it’s great to see,” Weatherford said. “It can do so much for us. We’re going to use it for so many different things for the animals, and just doing whatever we can.”

From house pets to wildlife, the viral challenge helped a local wildlife center raise funds.

“This will help with all of the supplies of the surgery room,” said Karen Herdkoltz, director of Hoo Haven Wildlife Center. “We’re going to upgrade it, so it’s really top of the line.”

Elizabeth Kroening donated to Hoo Haven, and she said that she shares her love of animals with Betty White.

“I’ve followed them for a long time on Facebook and just kind of watching what they’re doing, and I love that, not just cats and dogs, there’s all kinds of animals that need help out there,” Kroening said.

Bark on Mulford, a pet boutique, helped raise money for a local rescue group.

“We were able to raise $450, and our beneficiary for the challenge was CARE for PETS,” said Kaye Busse-Kleber, Bark on Mulford’s owner. “We had a lot of new people that came in, just for that reason that have never been there before, but wanted to participate, so that was an awesome thing to have them make the trip and effort just for that reason.”