CAPRON, Ill. (WTVO) — A Purple Heart recipient and WWII veteran got a hero’s surprise as he celebrated his 100th birthday.

Dozens of cars lined up and drove past Eugene Kleindl’s home in Capron for a drive-by parade. Kleindl enlisted in the Army in 1942 and served as a medic and dental tech. He landed in Normandy, Rhineland and Central Europe, and he said that faith in the lord helped him through life.

Kleindl said that the secret to living a long, healthy life is to keep moving.

“Being 100, it jolts you a little bit,” Kleindl said. “You can’t quite figure out how you can live that long, but I’m thankful for all my good friends and the folks that live with me. My granddaughter Jessica and her family, they keep me active too, especially the two kids.”

The veteran also got to take a ride in an old Army Jeep. The parade was organized by the Veterans Assistance Commission of Boone County.