ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — A stateline man was called a hero after he stopped to help when he saw a car crash near Rockford Career College on South Alpine Road.

Jake Henson got to the crash on Wednesday before the police even did. He is a private investigator with R.A. Private Investigations and Security, and was working a case when he saw the crashed vehicle and jumped in to help. The driver of the vehicle survived, but is being treated in the hospital, undergoing several surgeries, including one on Sunday.

Henson now hopes that his actions will inspire others to help someone in need.

“I see somebody in the car and everything inside me was like, ‘Jake, open that door, make sure he’s alright,'” Henson said.

It was a gut feeling that he acted on.

“So I do, I opened the door and here’s a man, and his face is leaning against a steering wheel and the air bag had went off and was stuck underneath of him,” Henson said. “The airbag had made a pocket and his face actually was in a pile of his own blood.”

That was when he noticed that the driver was not breathing.

“I brought his head back out of the puddle of blood and right when I did that, he just hacked up and I could hear him start breathing, and then he started screaming in pain,” Henson said.

Police were called and the driver, Trevor Ladson, was taken to the hospital. Trevor’s mom Tina said that he is doing better, but has a long way to go. In a message, Tina wrote: “Our family is beyond thankful for Jake stopping and helping him, we are very lucky parents. Trevor is also very thankful for Jake and anyone who helped and is looking forward to shaking his hand.”

A handshake that Henson is looking forward to.

“I said I wanna go meet him so bad, I told her the only thing I don’t want you guys thinking is that I’m there for, ‘he, I need a thank you,’ I said I just feel like I’m invested in this and we started crying again and she said he (Trevor) said about five times you have to bring me this guy, I have to meet him,” Henson said. “So, I definitely will be, for sure.”

Trevor’s dog was also in the car with him, but is doing okay. Henson said that he will keep Eyewitness News updated on his meeting with Trevor, and is eager to shake his hand.