Bystanders react to Rockford’s AMC Showplace 16 movie theater brawl

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) – A fight broke out at a local movie theatre on Friday night, and it was caught on camera.

Two men who were inside at the time said that in the commotion, some were saying that a person was armed. There was no gun, but there was a large fight between teens in the lobby.

Cort Hullinger, one of the moviegoers, said that in the moment, he did not know what was happening.

“I’m finding my exits before we even kind of get settled in here,” Hullinger said. “It seems like there was a guy towards the top of the balcony, and it seems like he yelled something like, ‘I need all men to go with me,’ something like that, and then panic kind of set out. Everybody just started leaving the building through the emergency exits.”

His said that his first thought was that there was a fire.

“I was pretty calm, but my heart was beating. It was pretty scary for 15 minutes, and then when you walk outside and you see 15-20 cop cars and fire department and ambulances, you wonder, man something went down here and it wasn’t a fire,” Hullinger said.

Nate. another moviegoer, said that he went to get slushies for him and his girlfriend, when in the commotion, he heard someone had a weapon.

“I turned around and I saw people running, screaming and just a lot of commotion,” Nate said. “I usually try to default to the most urgent, just incase it actually was a gun. I actually yelled when I evacuated people in the theater, ‘there’s somebody with a weapon, there’s somebody with a gun let’s get out of here.'”

Both Nate and Hullinger said that they are relieved to hear no one was armed, but it was a scary night nontheless.

“I never thought I’d experience something like that in my life, but it was definitely a lot of fear,” Nate said.

“I heard some people crying and stuff, and wondering is everyone is alright inside, what ever happened,” Hullinger added.

Both men said that the Rockford Police did a great job handling the situation, and were quick to show up. The police said that no arrests have been made.

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