ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Driving during winter can be dangerous for a number of reasons, from ice on the road to snow flying off of other cars.

Illinois residents might be wondering, however, if they can face repercussions if snow flying from their car makes it more dangerous for other drivers.

Snow and ice flying from a vehicle can create distractions for other drivers. They may have to swerve in order to avoid it, which could cause an accident. These types of situations are common in Illinois, and they can sometimes have dire consequences.

Drivers in the state that do not properly clean snow or ice off of their car can be found at fault if it results in an accident, according to O’Connor Cadiz Law. In simpler terms, Illinois drivers that did not properly clean off their vehicle in winter weather can be sued.

Residents that end up injured from something like this possibly have a legal claim. If they get the license plate number of the other vehicle, they might be able to recover from damages and injuries.

If they are not able to get the license plate number, claims for insurance companies would be more difficult, but the O’Connor Cadiz said that they are not impossible.

It is recommended that drivers who are injured should seek immediate medical attention and file a police report. Residents should also speak to an attorney before contacting the insurance company of the other driver to avoid falling into what lawyers called “typical insurance company traps.”