(WTVO) — Uber has become one of the most popular ways to get around, with the rideshare company giving 7.6 billion trips in 2022, according to Business of Apps.

Since Uber users do not have to drive themselves, they might be wondering if they still have to follow the rules of the road. Namely, they might think that they are able to drink since they are not behind the wheel.

The short answer, according to UberPeople, is no.

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in an Uber. Even if the drink is in a discrete container, the driver will tell the rider that they are not allowed to consume the drink in the vehicle. They can have the alcohol with them, but are not allowed to pop the tab.

The same rules apply for marijuana in Illinois.

While Uber riders cannot drink during their ride, there are certain vehicles that Illinois residents can drink in. The state exempts passengers in limos, party buses, and motorhomes.

That means that residents can legally imbibe if they are a passenger in a recreational vehicle.