ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Many parents tell their kids to not drive with their interior lights on, as it can make it harder to see when it is dark out.

Drivers might be wondering, however, if they can get in legal trouble if a police officer sees them with those lights on.

While it is not illegal to drive with interior lights on, according to Tom Fowler Law, parents had the right idea when they said to not have them on, as it can lead to a different violation.

Careless or distracted driving is still considered illegal, and driving with interior lights on can lead to the vehicle’s driver, or other drivers, becoming distracted. This can cause accidents.

Interior lights will generally reflect off of the windshield when it is dark out. This reduces the visibility for the driver, meaning they will not be able to see and react to circumstances as quickly as if they had their lights off.

In addition, most of the time when a driver turns their interior lights on, it is because they are looking for something in their car. Doing this takes the driver’s eyes off the road, making it distracted driving. If a police officer sees the driver doing this, they can be ticketed.

It is recommended that drivers should find a safe place to pull over if they need to turn their interior lights on. This will allow them to safely look for anything they might need to without running the risk of getting a citation for distracted driving.

Residents should check local ordinances before they turn their interior lights on while driving, as different cities and municipalities might have their own laws on the matter.