ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Tinted car windows can give drivers some much needed privacy, but how tinted is to tinted in that State of Illinois?

As it turns out, tinting windows in Illinois not only depends on which car window it is, but also the type of vehicles, according to the Wabash County Sheriff.

It all depends on VLT, or visible light transmission. In simpler terms, it is the percentage of light that is allowed through a cars windows. Tinting windows decreases the amount of light let in, so the amount of tint depends on the percentage of light.

For example, the front, back and rear windows on a sedan must allow more than 35% light in. For the windshield, non-reflective tinting is allowed on the top six inches.

These percentages change, though, if a person is driving an SUV. While SUV drivers still have to make sure to have non-reflective tint on the top six inches of their windshield and let more than 35% of light in on the front windows, the back and rear windows can be as dark as the driver wants.

It is important to remember that all window tint in Illinois must be non-reflective. This makes it safer for other drivers on the road, as they will not have as much glare in their eyes.

While all window tinting on both sedans and SUVs must be non-reflective, there are no specifics in state law on what that means. Any questions about tinting should be directed to law enforcement.