ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The use of tobacco has become less popular in recent years, but many adults still partake in smoking the plant.

With prices being as high as they are, many smokers in Illinois might be wondering if they can save some money and grow the plant at home.

Growing tobacco is legal in Illinois, according to the Daily Journal, but only for personal consumption. Selling the plant without a license can lead to stiff penalties. There are also no federal laws on the amount of tobacco that a resident can grow, so they can grow as much as they choose.

Earwigs, also known as “pincher bugs,” reportedly love to munch on tobacco leaves. If a resident is wanting to grow their own plants, it is important to have a plan to either keep the bugs from eating the leaves or deal with them once they do.

While growing tobacco is legal at the state level, local laws can prevent residents from growing the plant. They might need to get permission from their homeowners’ association, which might lead to difficulties.

Once the plant is grown, residents must make sure that they have an airy space where they can hang up the leaves to dry. Some of these leaves can grow to be almost two feet long, and as 20-30 leaves can grow on one plant, residents must make sure that they have a large enough area.