(WTVO) — Two Rockford felons were arrested on Tuesday after multiple guns and drugs were found at their house, including a stolen AK-47. However, many residents might be wondering if it is illegal to even own the weapon in the first place.

The answer to that question is that it depends on where a person lives. Illinois’ Firearm Concealed Carry Act preempts home rule municipalities over legislation on the licensing, possession, registration, regulation and transportation of handguns and handgun ammo, according to the Illinois State Bar Association.

However, there was a narrow exception when the act was passed. Ordinances regulating assault weapons were allowed if they were passed within 10 days of the start of the act. Many cities and towns across the state jumped on this.

For example, Highland Park amended its city code to prohibit the ownership, acquisition, possession, manufacture or sale assault weapons in the city. A list of over 60 models that were prohibited was released, and AK-47s were on that list.

Deerfield passed a similar ordinance in 2018, which also bans large capacity magazines. A poll by Qinnipiac found that 67% of respondents favored a ban on assault weapons.