ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Illinois passed comprehensive legislation on Jan. 10, 2023 that affected the sale and ownership of assault weapons in the state.

Residents might be wondering, however, if there is still a way for them to legally own these types of guns.

720 ILCS 5/24-1.9 banned the “manufacture, possession, delivery, sale, and purchase of assault weapons, .50 caliber rifles, and .50 caliber cartridges.” This means that any weapon that falls into these categories are considered illegal to make or sell in the state after January 10.

But what if an assault weapon was purchased before the legislation was passed? Would the resident be able to hold onto their weapon that was legal when they purchased it?

The answer to this, it seems, is not so cut and dry. The legislation mentioned above states that it will be “unlawful for any person withing this State to knowingly possess an assault weapon, assault weapon attachment, .50 caliber rifle, or .50 caliber cartridge” beginning on Jan. 1, 2024.

However, there is an exemption to this law.

Illinois residents will be able to keep their assault rifles that they legally obtained before the law went into effect, but only if they follow certain requirements and limitations.

For example, gun owners are required to submit an electronic endorsement affidavit form to the Illinois State Police by Oct. 1, 2023. This will include the gun’s make, model and serial number. The resident will also have to identify their Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) Card number.

This will allow officials to see if the person is in lawful possession of the weapon and if they are able to have an exemption.

Starting April 10, Illinois law will permit people to possess assault weapons and attachments on their private property only, according to Giffords Law Center. They will also be able to transport their weapon to another person’s private property, but only with the owner’s express permission.

In addition, residents must make sure that the assault weapon is unloaded and enclosed in a case while it is being transported.