ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Across the country September 22nd women entrepreneurs are recognized for Business Women’s Day.

“I think it’s cool that it’s not as, you know I just think it’s happening more and more in our community,” said Emily Danielson, owner of Hi Beautiful Bride in Rockton.

She reflected on just how many women owned companies there are.

“When I opened, I just wanted to open my own business. I never really thought about it being women owned and being something that I would do on my own. But the more that I look into it in, the more I think about it. And especially in Wrapped in here, we have a ton of women owned businesses. I mean, it is more than I fully anticipated when I opened my store. It’s kind of neat to all be in it together,” said Danielson.

There are over 12 million women run businesses across the country. Loz Malone, owner of Halo Bake Shop in Loves Park finds a lot of comfort in that growing number.

“In the community of there being so many small business owners and being that there are so many of us are women, it does feel like a big deal and there’s a big community of us, and I do take a lot of pride in that,” Malone said.

Liz is glad to be an inspiration for others, something she felt she didn’t really have.

“Try to cheer people on. And any time anyone asks me for advice, I always feel like I’m there to give that because I don’t feel like I had that. And so I always want to try and help anybody that’s looking for some guidance,” said Malone.

Every happy customer that leaves their place, leaves both women delighted to have the opportunity to work for themselves.

“One of the greatest things about running this business is I do get a lot of thank you’s from brides more than what I anticipated,” said Danielson.

Malone adds, “And then we do a baby shower, and then next thing you know, I’m doing birthdays, birthday cakes for their kids, and I get to see their family grow and I get to see their kids grow up. And that really to me, is the best part of this.”