SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WTVO) — Chicago’s new mayor made the trip to Springfield on Wednesday to address the General Assembly.

His visit came just days after another violent weekend in Chicago. A couple from out of state was attacked by a group of teenagers in Downtown Chicago Saturday night.

Brandon Johnson applauded the work that lawmakers in Springfield took to increase public safety. He encouraged more action on the root causes of crime not just in Chicago, but statewide.

“For years, they’ve told us that this is a zero-sum game,” Johnson said. “They tell us that the challenges that we face in the City of Chicago and families like mine, on the west side of Chicago, aren’t the same challenges shared by families from Rockford to Carbondale, from East St. Louis to Champaign and everywhere in between.”

Republicans were not happy with Johnson’s speech, especially when it came to his approach to crime. State Senator Dave Syverson responded to Johnson’s visit by saying that more funding is not going to help Chicago.

“If spending was the answer, Chicago would already have the best schools and healthcare. We need to instead focus on what the real priorities are, improving the job climates and holding criminals accountable for their actions,” Syverson said. “We didn’t hear that today. We just heard about the need for more money and more programs, and that’s something that’s just not affordable and not doable.”

Johnson is set to be sworn-in as Mayor of Chicago on May 15. The legislature wraps up its work for the spring session just four days later.