CHICAGO, Ill. (WTVO) — A mother in Chicago was killed and her toddler was wounded after a person opened fire in the South Side Wednesday.

It happened on W. 81st Street around 3:14 p.m., according to Fox News, when the suspects reportedly approached the victims in a black vehicle. The 23-year-old mother was shot multiple times, later dying from her wounds at a local hospital. The 2-year-old, as well has his 29-year-old father, were both shot in the foot. They are in stable condition.

A 62-year-old man is also in stable condition after being shot in the back.

“All acts of violence are difficult to deal with, but it’s especially difficult when there’s a child involved,” Chicago Police Chief of Patrol Brian McDermott said. “Thankfully, this child is going to be OK.”

Authorities believe that the shooters might have been targeting the toddler’s parents in the attack.

“Acts of violence such as this will not be tolerated in the city, Chicago will do everything we can to bring these offenders to justice,” McDermott said.

Statistics from the Chicago Police Department show that there have been 1,439 shooting so far in the city this year. That is down slightly from the same time last year, which saw 1,575 shootings at this point.

Police are investigating. No one had been arrested for the crime at the time of this writing.