CHICAGO, Ill. (WTVO) — Scientists hope that Chicago’s most famous dinosaur may be able to solve the mystery of why T-Rex’s arms are so short.

Officials at the Field Museum removed Sue’s right arm on Monday so it can be scanned at the University of Chicago. It will be used to create computer models so scientists can understand her arms and joints better.

They hope that the tests will help show how the arms were used and why they were needed.

“We’re going to use these scans to create digital models that are going to help us quantitatively measure about how much range of motion there was between every joint in the forearm, and this is going to help us better understand what these forearms are capable of doing,” said Jingmai O’Connor, a paleontologist at the Field Museum.

Despite the T-Rex’s infamous short arms, only a few have been recovered. Sue will get her right arm back as soon as the scans are taken on Wednesday.