ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Rockford residents are one step closer to being able to own a certain farm animal: hens.

There are multiple reasons why people would want to own some chickens, with the main one being sustainability.

“To allow hens in single-family homes in the City of Rockford. Do I have a motion to approve this item,” asked 9th Ward Alderman Bill Rose.

The so-called “Hen Ordinance” passed in Rockford City Council committee after lots of discussions.

“A lot of times people are like, ‘you know, we don’t need chickens in a really urban area,’ and when you see places like Chicago, St. Louis has a chicken ordinance, it kind of just pokes a hole in that kind of reasoning,” Rose said.

Rose introduced the idea. He said that the driving force is sustainability.

“In some cases, it will be for eggs. In other cases, it could just be a family pet, but most of the people that are interested in it want it for egg production, and with the increases in eggs throughout the country, it could be something that could potentially save families lots of dollars,” Rose said.

Inflation aside, Rose believes that it could also be a chance to teach kids a valuable lesson.

“I hope it brings about a conversation with our youth about raising chickens, gaining the essential skills and technical skills and kind of raising a bird, and hopefully teaching them a little bit about responsibility,” he said.

The chickens will not be crossing the road or running like their heads are cut off, as the ordinance requires a permit and specific standards for the coups. Plus, roosters are not allowed, only up to four hens.

“For some people, it’s not about that, it’s for the fun in it,” Rose said. “It’s about teaching your kids responsibility and making Rockford a more sustainable community.”

This is not as crazy of an ask as people might think, seeing as there are already similar ordinances in Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago and its suburbs.