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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The City of Rockford is hitting the pavement on its mission to improve road conditions. Over the next few weeks, crews will use tools to collect data on locally-owned streets.

Anyone who drives through Rockford knows about dodging potholes, cracks, or any other problems in the streets. The city is now starting the process of getting the worst of those roads fixed.

“Basically what’s called a laser crack measurement system or LCMS Van it drives down the road measuring cracking, rudding and roughness,” said Mark Gardner, the program director for AP Tech.

A citywide pavement condition assignment operation is underway in Rockford. Workers across the city are measuring and collecting data to figure out which roads need the most work.

Their van is equipped with laser sensors on the bar and on the front bumper that measure elevation, roughness, and rudding. The back measures cracking.

Gardner says the data is transmitted immediately to their computers.

“It will take roughly 15 days to do our data collection, covering all, almost a-thousand city miles of roadway. After that, we’ll have a few weeks of processing and work station surveys,” he explained.

In the nine years Tara Erdmier has lived in Rockford with her family, she has seen how bad the roads can be.

“When my 4-year-old was born my husband was coming from where he works, which is over by Chipotle on Perryville to Swedish-American, and got a flat tire on the way to come pick me and our new baby up. This was late at night too, so he had to have somebody come help him out and the same thing happened with her,” Erdmier described.

When it’s all over, Gardner will hand all of the data over to the city.

“What this allows them to do is say, if you give us this amount of money, this is what it looks like in five years. If you give us this amount of money, this is what it looks like in 5 years,” said Gardner.

The city says this assessment is done every three years and they will take the information to prioritize future road projects and repair options.

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