Clocks ‘Fall back’ for Daylight Saving Time on Sunday

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Early Sunday morning, the U.S. will observe Daylight Savings Time, and that means you’ll have to remember to set your clocks before going to bed Saturday night.

Daylight Savings goes into effect at 2 a.m. Sunday morning, at which point the time effectively becomes 1 a.m. and the day gains an extra hour.

UW Health Doctor Yayaser Zeater say even though the time change is only for one hour, it can tamper with the body’s natural day and night rhythm.

“Daylight Savings is one of the stressors that could disrupt the sleep cycle, and when your sleep cycle is disrupted because of Daylight Savings, it does cause more auto accidents, more cardiovascular disease problems,” he said.

With the days becoming shorter in Winter, doctors say some people can experience Seasonal Affective Disorder, or depression. To get past the “winter blues,” physicians recommend taking a walk during lunch or spending time outside before the sun sets.

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