ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Rockford Police are investigating a shooting that happened throughout downtown on Wednesday, leading to a crash. A 26-year-old man was killed, police said.

At 11 a.m., police advised drivers to avoid the area of E. State Street and 1st Avenue, due to the crash scene investigation, with the site of the crash on Longwood Avenue, between E. State and Charles.

At least five cars were involved in the crash.

Crash scene on Longwood Avenue, between E. State and Charles Street
Longwood Avenue crash site
Investigators outside Signature Ink Tattoo Studio, at 1115 Charles Street.

Officers had also taped off the intersection of Chestnut and Winnebago and placed evidence markers on the street. Witnesses at the scene said they heard gunshots, and officers were seen checking nearby businesses for surveillance cameras.

According to police, a white SUV was seen shooting toward the victim’s car near the intersection.

Police later found the SUV abandoned near Delaware Street and Newport Avenue. It was reported stolen out of Chicago, police said.

Chestnut and Winnebago
Chestnut and Winnebago

A witness who was involved in the car crash told Eyewitness News that he believed one of the other drivers had suffered gunshot wounds.

“I looked up we saw a black SUV come kinda centered down the road. It ran into that building up there and into the traffic lineup, hit me in the back and the guy behind us got the full brunt of it,” said Josh Beuten.

“There was bullet holes in the side of the vehicle, so what we are assuming he was in a shoot-out trying to get away and lost control of the vehicle,” Beuten continued. “By the time me and another bystander got to him he was beyond our help he was he was in really bad shape he was torn up.”