BROOKFIELD, Ill. (WTVO) — A critically endangered addax antelope has been born at Illinois’ Brookfield Zoo.

Guests got to witness the birth of the approximately 15-pound addax calf on August 8, according to the zoo in a press release. It was the third addax that was born at the zoo in just over a year.

The African antelope species possibly has less than 100 individuals alive in the wild. It currently exists in Chad, Mauritania and Niger, though it was once found throughout Northern Africa.

Brookfield Zoo was the first in the nation to have an addax birth back in 1941. It has exhibited addax since 1935, the zoo said.

This was the first calf for 4-year-old Ivy and the fifth for the sire, 9-year-old Ishnala. Those visiting the zoo can expect to see the baby lying down, as the addax as considered to be a “hider or nesting species.”