LOVES PARK, Ill. (WTVO) — The uptick in COVID-19 cases is forcing some local health care providers to change how they serve patients.

Starting on Monday, the Crusader Community Health Clinic in Loves Park is closed. The closure of the N. Second Street location is temporary, and Crusader said that staff has been moved to the four other area locations to make sure that services are available. More telehealth appointments are now available as well.

The Loves Park site is now being used by non-medical staff.

“It’s not something we did lightly, which is why we tried to proactive and plan it out, so we could contact our patients to let them know what other options there are, rather than, all of a sudden, on a morning where someone is expecting to come in and see the doctor that day, we’re saying ‘Sorry, doors are closed,'” said Dr. Gary Fernando, Chair of Pediatrics at Crusader Community Health.

Crusaders said that there is no set date for when the Loves Park clinic will re-open.