ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Democrat Dave Vella won enough votes – 239, to be exact – to unseat incumbent Republican Rep. John Cabello in the contest for 68th District representative.

Vella, a graduate of Boylan and a longtime attorney in the Rockford area, beat Cabello as final vote totals were tallied Tuesday. Cabello has held the position since 2012.

As the region and the state continue to see spikes in the virus, Vella argued more must be done to rescue small businesses in Springfield.

“There was a time that Rockford had a strong coalition… and could go to the governor or go to whoever and say look, ‘We are Rockford. We are not a suburb or not downstate. You need to treat us differently because of x, y and z.’ And I think if there is someone down there who isn’t just stirring up the pot, somebody that will actually work with them, I think we can get a lot done and open up our businesses more safely,” argued Vella.

Vella hopes to reduce property taxes for the district.

“Other states do not pay for their schools through their property taxes, they pay for it through their state budget – the way we should we be doing it. We should be decoupling property taxes from our school’s budget and make sure the budget is there. That will cut our property taxes in half,” said Vella.

Cabello released a statement Tuesday saying he would weigh his options.

“The race is within a half of a percent and the state still needs to certify the election on November 24th,” he said in a statement. “At that time the campaign will make a decision on whether or not to embark on a recount process.”


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