ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Residents usually pay their water bill without much thought, but that was not this case for some Rockford customers this month.

One resident noticed something different about where his payment was being sent. He said that the difference raised some concerns on if it was a mistake, or even a scam.

Rockford native Guy Spinello was paying his bill as one does every month when he noticed something different about his water bill.

“In this particular bill, it had an envelope that went to a totally different location,” Spinello said. “I don’t know how many people got those envelopes to say to send it Akron, Ohio instead to send it to Carol Stream, Illinois.”

He called the City of Rockford when he noticed the different address to see if it was correct, an error or a scam. Spinello said he was glad that he was paying attention.

“Oh, it must’ve affected a lot of people, because as they say, they drafted a letter which I have here, and they sent it to me, and the other people must have gotten it also,” he said. “I don’t know where the mix up came, if it was done by the billing company that the city uses out of Carol Stream.”

The City of Rockford said in a statement that a vendor provided incorrect return envelopes for water bills and that it was just a simple mix-up. Spinello wondered what happened to those that did not catch the error.

“What was the cost to the city to have to make up a new letter, mail all those letters out. How many people had to get them, what was the postal cost. I mean, it just looks like it was a lot of money, and who’s fault was it? Was it the City of Rockford or was it the vendor’s fault,” Spinello said. “Why isn’t it being billed right here Rockford, Illinois, and if the city doesn’t have the ability themselves, I would think there would be some local, right here vendor that we could use keep those tax dollar right here in Rockford instead of going out to an outside source.”

Spinello hopes that this causes others to pay close attention to where they are sending their money.

“It’s important that the public is alert and watches these things, because we are all in this together,” he said.

The City of Rockford said that a letter with a correct envelope is being mailed out. Residents can also use their own envelope with the correct address or pay their water bill online.