CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WTVO) — A Democratic Illinois state senator wants to change the language of the SAFE-T Act.

Cash bail will go away in Illinois on January 1. A judge can still order someone to be held under certain circumstances.

Scott Bennett, a former prosecutor, represents the Champaign area. He wants to change the “flight risk” language to make it so prior failures to appear are enough to detain someone pretrial. He also hopes to redefine when a person could be ruled a danger to those around them.

“We’re back in veto session in seven weeks. We have to start the conversation somewhere,” Bennett said. “We’ve been having months of conversations about it, but the fact is, until something’s down in a bill, I don’t think people take it very seriously.”

Bennett believes that he has the votes to get this language, or at least something close to it, through the Senate during veto sessions this November. He does not know if it would pass the House.

His proposal is not being well received by some bail reform advocates. The Illinois Network for Pretrial Justice said in a statement that “if passed, these measures would create a pretrial system that is far worse than the one in place today.”