ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Children will return from trick-or-treating with a treasure trove of Halloween candies, but dentists say, perhaps unsurprisingly, that all that sugar can hurt the mouth.

Dentists say some candies are less harmful to the teeth than others, preferring crunchy chocolate over chewy gummies, which stick to the teeth and cause cavities.

Rockford dentist Dr. Isabella Newcomer said, “Everything in moderation is fine. So candies, especially with like a meal or a snack time, because then you have other foods that help with cleaning the teeth off drinking water afterward, just to get your pH of your mouth back to a better environment. But the biggest thing is, after having anything with sugar in it, making sure you’re brushing for 2 minutes and getting the floss in there to keep things nice and clean.”

Newcomer said some of the worst candies for teeth are Tootsie Rolls and Laffy Taffy’s.