ELMHURST, Ill. (WTVO) — Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was in Elmhurst Monday evening to address members of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police.

The visit came one day after he spoke to police officers on New York’s Staten Island. The location of Monday’s “Back the Blue” was revealed just 48 hours ahead of time. The invitation said that DeSantis would speak about law enforcement.

He bashed New York’s controversial bail reform law on Sunday and urged NYPD officers to transfer to Florida.

“Police are out there and then these people will just take potshots at them, broken bottles, all this other stuff, and you are just a sitting duck,” DeSantis said. “So, we did anti-riot legislature in Florida which says if you are engaged in mob violence, if you are engaged in rioting or looting, you are not getting a slap on the wrist. You are going to jail in the State of Florida, and you are going to pay the price.”

DeSantis is reportedly planning to jump into the Republican presidential primary race this spring.