Despite national shortages, Christmas trees are in full bloom

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ROCKTON, Ill. (WTVO) — Wednesday is December 1, meaning Christmas is just 25 days away.

For those planning on setting up a real tree in their house this year, there is good news, as local farms are reportedly not seeing a shortage that other markets might be dealing with.

While Williams Tree Farm, 4661 Yale Bridge Rd, has plenty of trees to choose from, they are being cautious and ordered seedlings for next year to make sure they do not have a shortage in the future.

The farm is celebrating 75 years in business, so they gave some tips for those looking for a perfect tree in their home.

They said to bring a tape measure, because people can lose perspective when in the field. If a pre-cut tree is picked, they said to make a fresh cut when back home. To make the tree last longer, put a humidifier near it.

Co-owner Karen Williams said that no matter what a person picks, this time of year is about being together.

“I think it’s not so much about the tree, it’s about the experience, and so most of the tree farms around are seeing an uptick, not a downtick, because people want to go out and have a experience, and have those memories and all that,” Williams said.

One local couple spent the day picking out their perfect tree, and said that getting a fake tree is not option.

“It’s just always a tradition for my family to come for Christmas Eve, because we have a Christmas house and I’ll be the fresh tree,” said Lana Hoxie.

Lana and Bob Hoxie have been getting their Fraser trees from Williams Tree Farm for over 40 years, and said that nothing beats a fresh tree for the holidays.

“They smell good and they last long,” Lana said. “We use our tree for a birdfeeder after the season, right outside her windows, so we can enjoy it and so can our kitty.”

Williams said that they are being strategic, buying seedlings now to make sure they can keep their trees growing.

“Making sure that they were playing the long game,” Williams said. “I will do a good job this year and will do a good job next year.”

As for Lana and Bob, even if there was a tree shortage, getting a fake tree is not an option for them, and said that you lose the family adventure.

Williams Tree Farm is open from nine a.m. to eight p.m. daily.

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