ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — No matter what age you are, Rockford’s Discovery Center Museum is sure to have something for everybody.

“Kids from birth up until 13-14 years old, they’re going to have a good time here at the museum,” said Mike Rathbun, Associate Director of Discovery Center Museum of Rockford.

Over the years, Discovery Center, located at 711 N Main Street, has garnered national attention from Children’s Magazine, Forbes, as well as National Geographic, all ranking it as one of the top children’s museums in the country.

“Discovery Center is a Children’s Science Museum, right here in the heart of Rockford, Illinois,” said Rathbun. “We’ve been here for 40 years, providing joyful opportunities for children to play and learn, for families to create life-long memories, so it’s definitely a destination that you’re going to want to hit.”

With exhibits for young kids, roleplaying as a Doctor, or as a mechanic, it helps them learn in a creative environment.

“When kids play, that’s how they learn,” said Rathbun. “Same thing with grownups. When we play, we learn. If I do this, what happens? If I do that what happens?”

Older kids can check out the flight simulator, learn about the weather, and the physics of sports, and get a beginner’s guide into the agriculture business.

“We always have an exhibit master plan that adds new exhibits and new things to do every single year.”

With so many community outreach opportunities, spending time at Rockford’s Discovery Center leaves a longer-lasting impact than just a good time.

“Coming to a museum, like Rockford’s Discovery Center, is a chance to grow and learn, but also create family memories that help bond the family together in having those great memories, having fun together,” said Rathbun. “It’s important for learning, and for the family.”