ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — It is a known fact that Illinois residents must have a driver’s license, to get behind the wheel of a car, but do they still need to carry an ID if they are not driving?

The short answer is no, they do not. Illinois law, and U.S. law in general, does not require residents to carry an ID with them, according to Illinois Legal Aid. Not only that, but residents do not have to have an ID card in general.

As mentioned above, anyone getting in the driver’s seat in Illinois must have a driver’s license. They are required to have the license on them while they are operating a vehicle, but they do not have to carry it around with them at all times.

Residents are within their rights to have both an Illinois ID card and a driver’s license if they so choose. Legal Aid said that it is useful to have both, as the ID card can act as a “useful back-up” if a license is lost.

A US Passport can also be used as an ID in many situations, but residents only truly need one if they are traveling outside of the country.