ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The Rock River Valley Blood Center is always looking for blood donors, and now offers a new feature that they hope will attract more.

“We have to do things first, for a health check: blood pressure, temperature, pulse, all that stuff,” said Chief Operating Officer Heidi Ognibene.

Donors can now have their cholesterol checked, too.

“Cholesterol levels don’t matter to the recipient, so this is strictly just for donors,” Ognibene said.

The blood center will be able to check cholesterol levels through blood donation.

When it’s done, donors can get the test results through the donor portal.

Ognibene hopes it will encourage more people to become blood donors.

“Accidents happen, trauma happens, things happen to people, so we want to be ready when the time arises,” she said. “We are just hoping this will be another way that people will come in and donate and we can be ready.”

The American Heart Association recommends adults 20-years-old and older check their cholesterol every four to six years, or more often if they’re at risk of heart disease.