ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Fall is harvest season in the stateline.

From pumpkins to apples, local orchards have produce ready to sell. Some are worrying about the region’s crops, however, as the area was in a drought for most of the summer.

Apple picking seasons is in full swing from now until the end of October. Residents who head out to local orchards might notice that their apples are looking a bit smaller this year.

They will still taste just as great, however, and possibly even better.

Pat Curran, owner of Curran’s Orchard, discussed on Thursday what has seen from his harvest so far.

“Because there is no moisture to speak of, the flavor in the apples is intensified,” he said. “They’ve been stressed out, there’s very little moisture in them, so when you bite into them, they crack and they just blossom with flavor.”

It turns out that the lack of moisture allows the sugar to be more concentrated, so the apples’ flavors are sweeter. That lack of moisture could have a negative effect on the trees, though.

Curran said that the will have to wait until next year to see the full effect of the drought.