Early season snowstorm makes its presence felt in the Stateline

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Sunday night’s snow storm kept people busy in the Stateline.

For some, a day off was spent shoveling, and crews were out clearing roads.

Snow plow drivers hope people follow laws that help them do their job.

“I woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning, and it was [snowing] out,” said Sean Hahn.

Hahn is one of hundreds of Stateline residents who went to sleep with clear streets and woke up to a blanket of snow.

“I was hoping to get a couple more weeks,” Hahn said. “It was a welcome surprise for me. It was a welcome surprise for you? Cause she knows Christmas is coming.”

However, the early snow storm didn’t catch everyone off guard.

“We pretty much know it’s going to be coming in and to get our equipment ready to go and that we’re never ever surprised by it,” said snow pow driver, Jeffrey Halzel. “The amount surprised us sometime and the cold air. Other than that we’re already ready for it.”

Snow plow drivers spent the night and into the day clearing streets.

Rockford declared a snow emergency putting the odd and even parking ordinance into effect. That helps give plow drivers the space to clear streets.

“They got a little bit of time and a lot of roads to go through so please do not get in their way,” Halzel said.

Drivers who don’t follow the ordinance could be welcomed with a parking ticket.

“The guy’s got to clean the streets,” Halzel said. “They got to get so close to the cars and clean so much of the lanes out and if you’re obstructing that’s the chance that you’ll take.”

Hahn also plows his neighborhood streets. He said since the city doesn’t go down every street residents don’t feel they need to follow the ordinance.

“You just got to go around them, [but] then you plow them in so you feel bad but you get over it,” Hahn said. “I just use a plow truck and do it myself. The whole thing because we wouldn’t be able to get out and there’s houses over there they wouldn’t be able to get out at all so every year I plow.”

Since today is the 11th, drivers should park on the odd side of the street, but tomorrow at 8 a.m. the new date kicks in and cars should be on the even side.


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