MACHESNEY PARK, Ill. (WTVO) — An EF-1 tornado has been confirmed to have touched down in Machesney Park on Friday.

Many residents spent the weekend cleaning up their homes and yards. Some neighborhoods have minimal damage, while others have uprooted trees and houses without roofs.

Mitch Hilden, director of Machesney Park’s public works department, said that it took until 2 a.m. Saturday to get roads cleared.

“We had trees down blocking roadways, wires down,” Hilden said. “Our public works crews were out clearing roadways as fast as we possibly could. Contractors were out on our behalf, on resident’s behalf, you know, just making roadways so they were passable in case there was further emergency fire trucks, ambulances and stuff can get down every road.”

They worked with the sheriff’s department, ComEd and other agencies to clean up. Most of the roadways were cleared by 2 a.m. Saturday, but uprooted trees still line many of the streets.

The Village announced that a debris drop-off site is open at Schoonmaker Park, 10893 Ventura Blvd., which will turn the debris into mulch. It will be open from dawn to dusk until April 16.

“We will be hiring a contractor to load that out on semis and haul it to a location in South Beloit that takes storm debris or just trees in general,” Hilden said. “They’re in the mulch industry and they accept that at no charge to us.”

With the possibility of more severe weather this week, the staff held a debriefing about the weekend’s event and discussed upcoming response plans.

“Been in contact with some of our same contractors to let them know we’re keeping an eye on the upcoming event and, you know, be on standby for possibly more tree removal or, you know, fingers crossed, nothing structurally or worse,” Hilden said.