ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Former Winnebago County Republican Party Chairman Eli Nicolosi is being sued by his wife’s boyfriend after he reportedly attacked the couple while they slept, in October.

Nicolosi’s wife’s boyfriend, James Stoliker, is suing for $50,000 in damages for emotional distress.

Court documents revealed Stoliker suffered a ripped ear lobe, a black eye, and a bite to his left lower torso.

Loves Park Police responded to 3700 block of Gray Fox Run around 10:59 p.m. on October 2nd, 2022, in reference to an Order of Protection, according to the department.

An Order of Protection banning Nicolosi from the residence had been served on September 23. Nicolosi’s wife and their four children were protected parties.

The caller, Nicolosi’s wife, stated that her husband was at the house battering her boyfriend.

According to the lawsuit, Nicolosi entered the house and attacked the couple while they were sleeping in bed, jumping on top of Stoliker and repeatedly punching him in the head and ear.

Nicolosi then reportedly left the residence in a blue Tesla. An officer spotted the vehicle traveling westbound on Riverside Boulevard east of I-90, police said. The Tesla flashed their lights at the officer before pulling over to the side of the road. Nicolosi proceeded to exit the vehicle and walk towards the officer with his hands up.

According to the probable cause statement, while handcuffing Nicolosi, the officer reportedly saw dried blood on the fingers and knuckles of both of his hands. When asked if he was injured, Nicolosi said that the blood was the “other guys” and refused medical attention.

The lawsuit claims Nicolosi “demonstrated he intended to cause harmful or offensive contact” with Stolikeron the evening of the attack.

Stoliker’s suit is seeking damages for pain and suffering and medical bills.

In November, Nicolosi pleaded not guilty to charges of home invasion and aggravated battery. His criminal case is awaiting trial.