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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) – Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were down for six hours on Monday. Local small business owners who rely on social media for their sales explained that running a business through those means can be nerve-wracking.

“When Instagram breaks down, who is your business,” said Taylor Lukowski, owner of Triple T. Creation Co.

That was a question that many small businesses were force to address after Facebook and Instagram suffered outages.

“I look at Instagram as the old school email newsletter,” Lukowski said. “10 years ago, everyone was in their emails, checking in on the latest for their favorite small business, and now Instagram is totally that.”

Lukowski said that most of her customers come from Instagram, which is where she started her business.

“I think 93% of my people clicking on a link is from Instagram,” Lukowski said. “I think your presence on social media, as a business, is so vital to your existence now. You could lose everything that you have worked hard to build, but we also have to realize that is the risk you take when signing up for social media.”

Emily Abramat, owner of Emily Henderson Photography, said that the outage set her back on work as well.

“Using social media, it is almost like adding them as a friend on Facebook, and they can kind of see the inner workings, get a heads up on a new sale or deal that might be running, and it is a really good way to have that inside scoop, where as a website is not that dynamic,” Abramat said. “It definitely has impacted what I would be doing today. Today is typically the day I write a lot of copy and content that I will post throughout the week.”

“If social media was down for a week, it would be very tough,” Lukowski added. “Oh, it would be huge, because when my clients have questions on their orders they would DM me, they do not have my phone number. It made me realize how important it is to have a website as an online presence as well.”

Both women do have websites for their businesses, but they said that social media is where they do the majority of their marketing.

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